There is a visual history in New Orleans culture.

Mardi Gras Indians, street parades, make-up, costumes, Carnival, city art, artists both local and transplant alike are only a small portion of the rich tradition. The world renowned music scene has given birth to such art and much has been documented as to it’s importance in wider pop culture.

Enter Bag of Donuts.

The New Orleans based quartet have been engaged in such endeavors for over two decades. Having celebrated their 25th anniversary in 2012, the momentum only seems to be building. Along with their flair for kabuki make-up and extravagant costumes, the four New Orleans natives cover songs in a style they have branded as Superpop: Any song popular from any era. Their flamboyant performances are a combination of ultimate showmanship, call and response audience participation, visual ingenuity, professional musicianship and pure entertainment with a nod to the comedy gods. With over 100 live dates each year, BOD have become headliners at festivals from Texas to Florida including an annual slot at the world famous French Quarter Festival which surpassed 700,000 attendees in 2014. Further building on that propulsion, New Orleans Magazine named them one of the most popular local acts along side Grammy winning heavyweights, Rebirth Brass Band. Their performances draw thousands at events for NFL, NBA and PGA. In addition, there is always a salute to their hometown which is at the heart of BOD’s charm.

To quote the band: “It ‘s like Mardi Gras all year long.”

Theirs is a world of brass bands, rock and roll, pop radio, country, hip-hop and reggae all rolled into one big, beautiful band of color. In the great tradition of stunning acts, BOD has to be experienced live to fully feel the impact. The universality of their show stems from the idea that everyone likes to have an escape, a release. From the opening note, it will become apparent that BOD carries on a vibrant birthright steeped in a city known as the birthplace of jazz, rock & roll and all things vivid. The mythology continues. Come see a seasoned, live act just hitting their stride…




Are you looking for a memorable evening of live music, one that is at once familiar and completely unlike anything you’ve ever experienced? Top-notch live music you can sing along to is hard to find — and booking a band can feel like a choice between an outdated and predictable cover band and a local group playing obscure originals. Wouldn’t you rather listen to a live show that delivers the best songs of the past five decades with a dynamic stage presence? Music is an opportunity for release, and more engaging the listening experience, the greater that release. What’s more, the more fun a band is having on stage, the more fun the audience has. New Orleans is a city like no other, and while many have tried to capture the spirit of the New Orleans party and bring it to the world, a few Mardi Gras beads doesn’t do the city justice.

Bag of Donuts is a New Orleans party band that taps into the city’s long tradition of costumes and great music to bring New Orleans to wherever you are. With Bag of Donuts you and your friends can reminisce without the nostalgia—as highly skilled musicians with a flair for the fantastical play all the classics. Together, these hits are what Bag of Donuts calls Superpop, a genre of “just the hits”, from the 60’s all the way through 2016, “suped” up in a new and exciting way. The party is contagious; as the guys on stage go wild in their outlandish costumes, crowds of friends and strangers alike find themselves comfortable letting loose. If you’re planning an event, Bag of Donuts promises an atypical experience that audience members of all ages and types can groove to. Bag of Donuts will take your night, and your party, to the next level.

What started over 25 years ago as a few New Orleans locals with a knack for music and a little bit of face paint has since grown into a national phenomenon. Bag of Donuts has played over 3,000+ live shows, including an annual slot at the Internationally recognized French Quarter Festival. Bobby, Jonathan, Kevin, and Jerry have rocked out venues of every size, from small private parties to the Official Saint’s Superbowl tailgate party. And if you’re wondering whether there’s a ceiling to the amount of fun possible, the show at the New Orleans House of Blues set the venue’s record for highest bar tab ever. Bag of Donuts isn’t only a live spectacle — the band just released their first album, anchored by their newest hit Superpop. Superpop, produced by Dr. John, attempts to encapsulate the insanity and energy of a Bag of Donuts performance in a studio recording.

Booking Bag of Donuts is about more than just having a good time. It’s about bringing people together over past shared experiences to create new ones. It’s about the convention group that gets the boost they need to break through awkward formalities or the father and son who may not agree on everything but both can belt the words to “Bohemian Rhapsody.” It’s about wedding guests of all stripes and walks of life coming together around popular music to celebrate. As an audience member you will leave wanting more and ready to tell others about your experience. With Bag of Donuts, you’ll have a night to remember with all the hits you thought you’d forgotten long ago.